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'Art of Synthesis' is the subtle ingredient, the essential essence, behind all creative works offered under its banner, including ‘Visions of Reality’ book, cards and artwork.


It is an infusion of Spirit with matter, body with soul, cosmic consciousness with earth wisdom. In short ‘Art of Synthesis’ seeks to unify all that is separate; to make whole that which is incomplete; and to awaken cosmic understanding within the consciousness of each human being.'

Barbara Rose


Be Silent




Let the One who

creates the words,








He made the door


He made the lock


He also made the key







"One body, One soul, One life"











Art of Synthesis is the subtle ingredient that knits all apparent separates into a unique tapestry that is your ultimate potential in daily life. As Steve Jobs succinctly stated in his famous speech to graduates at Stanford University,


You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."


Art of Synthesis is the effect of ‘joining the dots.’ Find out more here and follow this link to see how it interfaces with Visions of Reality and Walk the Rainbow.


In terms of the maxim 'Know Thyself' Art of Synthesis being body, soul and spirit may be further understood to be:-


Know Thyself - as an individual personality - individual consciousness - body

Know the Self - as an expression of the One Soul - group consciousness - soul

Know the One - as an expression of the One Life - unity consciousness - spirit


Know Thyself - body

'Body' in this context refers to the three aspects making up your individual consciousness: the physical (etheric), mental and emotional bodies. Content within workshops/contemplation groups will focus on you knowing yourself as an individual distinct from the 'mass consciousness' of humanity.


Personality refinement, recognition of the illusory nature of this reality, and cultivation of awareness are the qualities embraced within this aspect, with 'Visions of Reality' contemplation cards being the tools employed to assist in this refinement.


Know the Self - Soul

Having known yourself as an individual your challenge is to relinquish all that you have become in favour of that which you are not.  Surrender is the key to moving to this next level of awareness and can be the most challenging, particularly if you hold on to ego based identities.


It is at this stage where spiritual brothers/sisters (the Sangha - spiritual community) are most important, for these 'true friends' will reflect the light of truth when illusions are at their most powerful.


With the assistance of the community, awareness may now expand from individual consciousness to that of the group; this marks the beginning of soul integration and the fulfilment of higher purpose. 'Stillness Speaks' contemplation cards are specifically aligned to attract the light of the soul.


Know the One - Spirit

Spirit and matter may now unite in service, where all outer expressions are a manifestation of Divine Will.  There are no personal goals or agendas other than that of service to the greater good. Body and Soul function as One.


The Soul may now move to integration with Spirit according to the principles of occult law. 'Nature's Way' contemplation cards facilitate this movement being infused with Sacred Symbol. They embody the Language of Light and offer opportunity for you to walk as a Soul upon this earth; to 'walk the rainbow through your life.'


This is not a linear process. The 'Art of Synthesis' lies in holding awareness of each of these levels simultaneously.


Workshops/contemplation groups, therefore, offer opportunity for each of these aspects to be experienced and understood; Soul integration may then be expressed as a fluid, evolutionary pathway of light, grounded in the ordinariness of everyday life.


These premises form the foundation for all talks, events, workshops and groups featured on this site. The outer form may differ but at its core lies awareness of integrative Truth outlined above.



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