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An Air Traffic Controller for almost thirty years, Barbara received her first wake-up call when the stress of the job began to have a detrimental effect on her health and well-being.


She realised she had to change and the only person who could do that was her - no more blaming others for their inadequacies, she had to take full responsibility and claim ownership of her own! Naturally, this also required letting go of her very lucrative source of income.




Starting Again...


In 2001 she entered a period of intense inner transformation, whilst undergoing four long term courses: classical and intuitive homeopathy, pure life healing, and Infinite tai chi teacher training - this included facilitating chi kung and meditation as well as tai chi.


She offered complementary therapies and taught tai chi, chi kung and meditation for five years before surrendering all in favour of the creative process awakening within her.




...and Again!


During the summer of 2005 following a retreat at Samye Ling monastery in Scotland she created her first drawing,  "Emergence" - the 'Being' in the background appeared as she was doodling.


Reflecting on the image, she thought 'my God, what have I drawn.' Then burst into tears as she gazed upon the most benevolent being she had ever laid eyes upon.


Gradually more and more drawings and beings began to emerge and 'Visions of Reality' was born.


Over time poems began to form, which evolved into seed thoughts during the publication process of her first book, 'Visions of Reality: Art of Synthesis.'








Barbara Rose








Barbara Rose is a visionary artist, award-winning author and researcher of Truth. She loves to play! Loves ageless wisdom teachings, is fascinated by extra-terrestrial life and the magnificence of our beautiful planet earth.


She loves meditation, creating, sacred geometry and above all, she loves to share.


All these magical ingredients she generously blends into each of her creations, making them into the unique, transformational works of art they are today.


She offers the wisdom of her experience, married with her creative talents, in service to others; facilitating ease of transformation through talks, workshops and creative contemplation groups.


Her passion and vision is to see ultimate creative expression integrated into the daily lives of all.

"As I reflect upon my life I see my entire journey has led to this point and to my true purpose in this lifetime.


This work is pure joy to create and fills me with excitement at its potential.


No matter what my outer circumstances there has always been a thread of creativity running through my life... "

Barbara Rose



the journey continues... seems publication of her first book was just the beginning. Within six months she published her first pack of contemplation cards 'Visions of Reality: Cards for Life.' 'Stillness Speaks' and 'Natures Way,' two further packs, followed shortly after.


Understanding as to their significance emerged during her 'Walk the Rainbow' program. They were renamed 'Key of Light' contemplation cards, owing to their intrinsic connection with the number 144 (the number of light) and the Christ Consciousness grid (144 facets). There are 144 cards and symbols across all three packs.


To date she is compiling a comprehensive guidebook, using her creations married with ancient wisdom teachings (sacred geometry, the seven rays and chakras), to assist fellow travellers who wish to know themselves as multi-dimensional beings of light, whilst being grounded in the ordinariness of everyday life.


Currently standing at 250 pages it is shared with all participants who enrol on the 'Walk the Rainbow' program.





in 2006 she 'stumbled' across sacred geometry. A spontaneous visit to the yoga show in Manchester found her drawn to a stand, run by western buddhist monks, displaying beautiful 3d mandalas, including 6' meditation pyramids, used as tools for healing.


Needless to say she came away with a car load - including a pyramid! (you can see it in the photo below) The positive life changes occurring as a result of working with these tools could not be denied - she wanted to know more.


Another 'stumbling' coincidence led her to the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life organisation. The merkaba meditation became her gateway to higher consciousness.


Advanced geometry workshops with Ron and Lyssa Holt, directors of Flower of Life Research, followed over the next two years including meditating with dolphins in Mexico.


Sacred geometry and its application to expanded levels of conscious awareness has become the cornerstone for all her writings and shared teaching; it is the foundation for the Art of Synthesis.



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